We live in exciting times. Change is accelerating, disruption is the new norm and new opportunities present themselves for those who dare to focus on the future.

Anredia is an innovation strategy company that delivers the future to visionary leaders by designing tailor-made methodologies that guarantees business breakthrough We are experts in product, service and process innovation, venture development, capacity building, strategy development and innovation funding.

Anredia leverages data and technology to drive its work of growth, development and acceleration across multiple disciplines, industries and socio-economic verticals.

We exist for the sole purpose of making it easy for our clients to identify and grow new opportunities through tailor made techno:innovation strategies.


We give Life to our work, ensuring its sustainability.


We carry out our work with the highest level of dilligence.


Each project leaves an indellible mark of excellence.

Develop Growth Strategies

We develop strategies to help your business go from point A to Z

Build Innovative Businesses

From start to finish, we help turn your ideas to working product

Develop Innovation Capabilities

For an existing product, we think up innovative ways to make it better


Innovation Process Development

The innovation process describes the path of translating new and/or existing knowledge into marketable solutions. Companies that pursue a successful innovation process have something decisive that puts them ahead of others - they have designed the path of an idea from genera- tion, through development, to market entry. You can do that too. We accompany you on your personal path, which is seamless, scalable and above all controllable.


Agile Innovation Management

Agile innovation management describes the combination of the right steps and methods, within an innovation project, with the agile working method according to Scrum, in order to generate custom- er-oriented solutions as quickly as possible and with less effort. We accompany and enable you to learn the agile way of working with your innovation teams and to take the right steps and use the right methods in your innovation project


Innovation Strategy Development

One cannot know the future. What is certain is that there will be no future if you don't want to know anything about it. With Anredia you can develop your individual innovation strategy and take a methodically secure path to find the best possible answer to the challenges of the future.


Product Development

To develop breakthrough innovations; there are many fantastic ideas, however genuine innova- tions are only those that are successful in the market. With Anredia every company can develop its next Signature Innovation, and evaluate it, so that the flop risk is reduced. Our software develop- ers, innovation consultants work together to ensure customer centric products with high market viability are built, tested, measured thereby cutting wastage.


Business Model Innovation

For successful companies, in addition to develop- ing new products, improving processes and open- ing-up new markets, a new type of innovation comes into the limelight: rethinking the fundamen- tal logic of one's own business activity - business model innovation. Anredia dives deep beyond the business model canvas, using design, information and radical simplification to optimize our clients business model.


Market Innovation

Are there markets where your competence could find new applications? Undreamed of future markets that offer you special opportunities for growth? Anredia shows you the methodical, secure way into new terrain.


Digital Innovation Advisory

Digital Transformation Advisory services are con- sulting services that support ICT managers in their strategic planning and vision work. Anredia’s ICT professionals have a consolidated experience in ICT consulting gained over more than 20 years of activity in the sector.


Capacity Development

Our development programs are tailored to the needs at all levels of your organization from senior executives to the individual innovation team member. Our programs are structured for global organizations, universities, executives and employees that wish to think like a game changer.


Lab Setup & Operationalization

Through this consulting service, Anredia assists public and private companies in setting up internal R&D center. This will enable the company to better manage the innovation process for creating new products/services and to bid for domestic and European tender for innovation projects.


Innovation Culture

Anredia helps organizations to create a culture of innovation for their organization through proven assessments and culture change strategies. We start with an Innovation Culture Assessment which uncovers the deeper barriers and untapped op- portunities for driving greater innovation and busi- ness growth. Through customized surveys and in-depth interviews, we create a map of your organization’s culture that creates the basis for action-oriented programs


Innovation Funding

In innovation competition, fast access to funding channels both public and private play a decisive role. Anredia has extensive expertise in accessing, managing, implementing, Monitoring and Evaluat- ing State and Regional funded projects.

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